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Radha Kalyanam – What and Why?

When we say Radha Kalyanam, immediately the divine images of Radha and Krishna spring to mind. While for those who are steeped in spirituality and devotion, the concept of Radha Kalyanam gives inspiration, for laymen a question may arise as to why we ordinary human beings have to conduct the divine union of Gods? But an explanation of the real meaning behind this grand celebration will perhaps clear the air: The ancient Hindu philosophical wisdom postulates that Jeevatma is nothing but a creation of Paramatma and is destined to re-unite with Paramatma and Radha Kalyanam is nothing but a meaningful way of celebrating this reunion.

Radha represents the Jeevatma which is nothing but a creation of Krishna, the Paramatma and Radha Kalyanam is the re-union of the Jeevatma (Radha) with Paramatma (Krishna). We ordinary human beings by this simple act of performing Radha Kalyanam are actually glorifying the world’s most potent spiritual wisdom namely “ADVAITA”, which says Jeevatma and Paramatma are one and the same!

A description of Radha Kalyanam may best be exemplified by the 35-year glorification of the concept by a group of dedicated people in the bustling suburb of Perambur in Chennai. And that brings us to the stellar institutions of Sri Geetha Govinda Mandali and Sri Kamakshi Mandali.