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Radha Kalyanam - What and Why?
When we say Radha Kalyanam, immediately the divine images of Radha and Krishna spring to mind. While for those who are steeped in spirituality and devotion, the concept of Radha Kalyanam gives inspiration, for laymen a question may arise as to why we ordinary human beings have to conduct the divine union of Gods?
Sri Kamakshi Mandali & Sri Geetha Govinda Mandali, Perambur
In modern world, the Kaliyuga, very few Avatara Purushas appear to emancipate and elevate the suffering human beings. Foremost among them in recent times is the Maha Periyava (Paramacharyal) who strode India...
Our Activites
Sri Geetha Govinda Mandali has grown from strength to strength over the last 35 years. The pinnacle of its achievement is the successful execution of an unbroken chain of 34 Radha Kalyanams (1976-2010)...

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