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The people behind Sri Kamakshi Mandali and Sri Geetha Govinda Mandali

While no great achievement is ever possible without the dedication and commitment of a team of people, there are always a few inspiring individuals who show remarkable leadership qualities that shape and motvate others. In the case of Sri Kamakshi Mandali, the person who merits first mention is Late Smt. Durai Mami who lead the Mandali from 1967 till 1988, the year of her unfortunate demise. Ever since, Smt. Vasanthi (from 1988 onwards) has been leading the Mandali with great dedication and sincerity.

In the case of Sri Geetha Govinda Mandali, the key personalities who have created and shaped the activities are Late Shri Manakkal Venkatrama Bhagavathar and Smt. Vasanthi right from the inception in 1976. Shri. Venkatrama Bhagavathar passed away in 2006 and ever since Smt. Vasanthi has been leading the efforts. Today, Smt. Vasanthi provides inspiring leadership to Sri Kamakshi Mandali and Sri Geetha Govinda Mandali both of which are continuing to gain popularity and momentum.

In recognition of her continuing dedicated service to the cause of Nama Sankeerthanam and devotional singing, Smt. Vasanthi has been awarded “Bhagavatha Shiromani” by Bhagavatha Sammelana Samajam (Tennangur), “Geeta Sagar” by Vinayakapuram Abhirami Mandali, and also has been decorated by Jan Kalyan (Founded by Jagathguru Jayendra Saraswati), TAMBRAS, and Bhagavatha Seva Trust (Founded by Udayalur Kalyanarama Bhagavathar).